Marching Knights 2021 Show Revealed!


Live and in person in the High School Auditorium, Mr. Fabrizio revealed the exciting 2021 Marching Knights theme,  “Captured”!  Composed by Frank Sullivan, with Drill Design by Christopher DeLeon, Captured will feature a modern take on traditional Spanish music, featuring the struggle of the various ensemble sections being captured and freed throughout the show, punctuated by striking colors and visuals.

The show’s reveal featured a digital demonstration of the music of Captured, and was received energetically by the student and parent attendees.  Also during the Open House, Mr. Fabrizio introduced the student leaders and instructors for the 2021 Marching Knights season.

Ms. Heidi Levine and Mr. Andrew Marino, WEBB President and Corresponding Secretary, respectively, introduced the West Essex Band Boosters organization and invited parents to volunteer for activities throughout the school year.

Parents were also invited to explore our website, including our Parent Resources page (click here) to learn more about the organization and the many ways to get involved.

We look forward to the 2021 Season!