About WEBB

The mission of the West Essex Band Boosters is to arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various Band Programs of the West Essex Regional High School. We do this by promoting and facilitating communication among parents and the Performing Arts Department within the school by lending all possible support, both moral and financial.

The purpose of WEBB is to provide information and support to families of students participating in any of the band programs at West Essex Regional High School with special emphasis placed on;

  1. To Arouse and maintain an enthusiastic interest in the various phases of the band program of the West Essex Regional High School.
  2. To lend all possible support, both moral and financial, to the band programs in the school grades 9th through 12th in cooperation with the Music Director(s), Administration, and Board of Education.
  3. Foster cooperation, communication, and closer contact between the students’ home and school in order that their parents/guardian may effectively encourage their children’s musical education/training.
  4. To cooperate with those in charge of the Band and Performing Arts Department while maintaining the highest possible degree of efficiency in order to build and maintain an organization which will help to promote the general activities of the Band and Performing Arts Department.
  5. WEBB is a support group only when together at a meeting of the Duly Elected Officers and/or meeting of the General Membership. Other than during these meetings, or committee work, they are only individual parents voicing opinions not as representatives of the West Essex Band Boosters.
  6. The organization shall be non-partisan.

The membership of this organization is open to any parent, guardian, or family member of an incoming, current, or former member of the West Essex High School Band program. Current students are not eligible for membership. Parents and/or guardians of children who are currently enrolled in a West Essex Band program shall be automatically considered members in good standing. Only a member in good standing may vote on issues brought before the membership, and only one vote per family will be accepted. While students are encouraged to attend all general meetings and to voice their opinions, they are not eligible to vote.

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