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Tournament Of Bands & US Band Circuits

The West Essex Marching Knights compete with both the “Tournament of Bands” and the “US Bands” circuits. These are two distinct organizations that organize and run Marching Band competitions across the United States. Both organizations group marching units using a similar alpha-numeric categorization system that defines group size and skill level.

For the 2021 Marching Season, the Marching Knights are considered Group 2 Open for TOB and Group 2A for USBands.

“2” designates our size:

  • TOB: 31- 50 musicians (maximum of 50 auxiliary)
  • US Bands: 40 – 59 total ensemble

“Open” designates scoring approach commensurate with skill level:

  • TOB: Balanced emphasis on repertoire/composition and achievement / excellence.
  • US Bands: Seasoned ensembles that demonstrate expanded skill sets and are adjudicated on a scale supporting intermediate to advanced skill

“A” may reflect a building or rebuilding year, and scoring approach is commensurate with that status.

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